About Us

The roots of the Oregon Land Title Association (OLTA) go back to the Oregon Association of Title Men, organized in Portland, Oregon on June 6, 1908. It was an association of several abstract and title companies from around the state, established "To stimulate a feeling of good-fellowship and mutual business helpfulness among it's members... and to create an organization which will disseminate among its members information of mutual value, and by which its members may protect themselves against dangers or difficulties which can beset the conduct of the business of abstracting in the state of Oregon"

By 1915 the minute book talks of the gradual demise of abstracting and the spread of title insurance as securitized lending expanded. The concept of title plant standards and the standardization of title insurance policy forms begins to appear in the 1920's and 1930's. The original American Land Title Association's uniform policy for lenders was adopted in 1929. Contemporaneously the minute book reflects the Oregon Land Title Association's growing attention to the technicalities of title insurance forms and underwriting issues.

From these beginnings the present Oregon Land Title Association evolved. Over the years it has had as its members virtually all the companies involved in the title business in Oregon. Besides steady work over the years improving forms and underwriting practices, the OLTA continues to be involved in legislation and regulation, trying to improve and protect the conveyancing process. Beginning in the early 1980's the OLTA has held a well-attended annual education seminar, expanding its role in education related to title and escrow.