Oregon Title Insurance Rating Organization

The Oregon Title Insurance Rating Organization (OTIRO) is a rating organization under Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 737. It operates for the purpose of making rates, rating plans or rating systems for title insurance in Oregon. This involves collecting and furnishing statistical information related to title insurance. It also involves proposing to the Oregon Insurance Division, for its review and approval, a rating manual and revisions to the rating manual. (The Insurance Division is part of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.) The rating manual, as approved, sets out a system of rates and forms. Any title insurer authorized to transact title insurance in Oregon may be a member and participant in OTIRO and may elect to use the rates and forms of the OTIRO Rating Manual. An insurer who is not a member may apply for member status or subscriber status. A title insurance agent may apply for affiliate status. Contact OTIRO at P.O. Box 8921, Portland, OR 97207 to apply for member, subscriber or affiliate status.

For Oregon rates and forms, view the OTIRO Rating Manual.